What we do

Tech Studios is a product development studio in London that offers beautifully made products for technology offices, workplaces and home.  

Our Vision

Our vision is to create beautifully made posters and products that people will love. We truly believe that every technology office, workplace and home should be quirky and fun.  A creative environment can help stimulate inspiration and strengthen organizational culture. We believe that the design of the workplace is important to company culture and team performance.

Happy workplace = Happy people


What we sell and why it’s different

Tech Studios is run by a team of techies that produce quality goods for other techies. We make quality posters that have a technology influence, and produce designs centred around techie inspiration, quotes, programming languages and quotes.


All of our posters are lovingly designed using top quality materials and colours. Printed on the finest 250 GSM paper, every single one of our prints are hand checked and stamped before being delivered to your door. We want to brighten up your walls with your favourite programming language or inspirational poster. Our goal is to fill offices around the world with designs that don’t cost the earth. 

Why we started Tech Studios

Quite often, offices and workplaces can be mundane and dull. Bare walls and uninspiring artwork are too common amongst offices around the world. That's why we decided to start Tech Studios - we knew there had to be a better way. Show your office a little love with great posters and products created at an affordable price. Tech Studios designs will truly hang with pride!